September 2023

Gap Kenya's news for the month of September

The Logos Hope Ship cruised into Mombasa this month manned by volunteers of over 60 nationalities.

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Everyone from the captain to the cooks, and engineers to officers are volunteers. It’s the largest floating book fair in the world and our charity was invited to visit. The boys from Stepping Stones visited the ship and were so excited as it was their first time ever stepping foot onto a big ship!

The volunteers from the ship also visited our two centres, spending time with the boys and with the younger children at Mwakirunge sharing about their countries, encouraging the children and having fun! Our visitors came from Germany, Haiti, America, India and Japan and was just so great for the kids.

Logos Hope will be returning to Kenya one day… around 10 years from now! Meanwhile it sails next week to Tanzania and then the rest of the world.

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