February 2024

Hussein and Gladys are now at boarding school!

They have both settled so well and are loving learning. They have made new friends and boarding school has opened up a whole new world for them. They would really appreciate your support to cover the cost of fees, uniforms, book etc. Anything you can give will help them on their way to a brighter future.

Hussein and Gladys

Pictures show Gladys and Hussein with manager Francis and foster father Gordon who travelled to the schools with the children. Having never been in a car before, both Gladys and Hussein suffered with travel sickness on the journey!


Billinda visit

Billinda had wanted to visit Africa and spend time in a project since she was 17 but circumstances always got in the way. This month she was able to spend 2 weeks visiting and working in the Gap Kenya projects and she absolutely loved it! All the children loved having her around and although she worked in all three of the centres, she confessed her favourite was Stepping Stones. In and among working in the projects, Billinda was able to experience a little bit of Kenya too. Contact us if visiting Gap Kenya is something you would like to do!

Billinda 1
Billinda 2
Billinda 3
Billinda 4
Billinda 5
Billinda 6
Billinda 7
Billinda 8
Billinda 9
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