December 2023

Happy New Year from all at Gap Kenya!

We start the year with news that two children from the Mwakirunge Garbage dump have completed their primary education (paid for by Gap Kenya) and achieved results enabling them to progress to Boarding High Schools! This is fantastic news for the children as it removes them from the garbage site during school term times. Click here to read more.


We also welcomed new foster parents Gordon and Christine. Gordon is a teacher and has previously been a headmaster, though currently he works as a freelance copywriter. Christine previously worked a housekeeper in a hotel but now cares for their three children and one adopted son.

The boys in the family home have bonded well with Christine and Gordon and couldn’t be happier. We spent a day recently with them all in a local park, and also had a fun afternoon on New Years Day. Christine and Gordon are doing a fabulous job and we know our children are in safe hands with them.

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