Foster Family Home

The Foster Family Home allows children to learn about love, security and responsibility whilst providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Gordon and Christine

Foster parents Gordon and Christine care for, nurture and guide the boys into adulthood, acting as role models and demonstrating good, stable relationships which the children will hopefully one day replicate.

Currently, the family home hosts 12 boys, 2 of whom are at boarding school.

The children attend non-government schools so as to provide them with the best standard of education available. Most of these children are very behind in their schooling so the smaller class sizes found in the private school context offers the best opportunity for these children to learn and catch up.

Once a child settles within the family home, it is amazing to see how quickly they begin to reach their potential educationally. But it is also just as amazing to see their characters change as they develop into mature, trustworthy young men. You can read some of their stories on the ‘changed lives’ pages.

During the school holidays, several of the boys volunteer to help out in our two centres, teaching the children and sharing their stories with those still on the streets.

Foster parents Gordon and Christine have 3 children of their own - Favour, Emmanuel, and Mirabelle. They also adopted an orphaned child several years ago - Enoch - who is now in High School. Gordon works as a copy writer though he was at one time headmaster of a school. Christine is a kind and loving mum to the boys whom the boys adore.

The children all attend church on Sundays if they are happy to do so.

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