The Joseph Centre for Children

The Joseph Centre which opened in December 2017 has been dedicated to working with mothers who were struggling to survive on the Mwakirunge garbage dump.

The primary goal of this initiative was to educate and empower these mothers providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

The work represented a commendable effort to address the challenges faced by mothers and their children living in difficult conditions, offering them hope, support and opportunities which not only benefitted the individuals but contributed to breaking the cycle of poverty in their community. The charity will continue to provide fees, uniforms etc. for the 43 children Gap Kenya currently sends to school.

Gap Kenya is now going to transition into a child only centre, allowing for a more specialised approach in catering to the educational and developmental needs of the many children on the dump. It will address the critical needs of children who have not had access to formal schooling.

Empowering young minds. The centre will play a vital role by offering education and development including creche facilities, and teaching literacy and numeracy to older children. This will be a significant step in breaking the cycle of poverty in the community.

Comprehensive well-being. Our commitment will go beyond education. We will be addressing key aspects such as nutrition, hygiene, recreational and spiritual activities to ensure these children thrive in every way possible.

As we embark on this journey, we are optimistic about securing funding to support the expansion of our efforts enabling us to reach even more children. By addressing children’s educational and developmental needs we are radiating hope throughout the entire community.

We have initiated a pilot to assess the feasibility of this transition to ensure this new approach is effective and sustainable and so far the outcomes have been positive. Overall, the Joseph Centre’s shift towards focusing on the children from the garbage dump is an impactful endeavour which will make a significant difference in the lives of these children. Will you help us?

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Joseph Centre Success Stories

Hussein and Gladys

Hussein and Gladys are two of the children Gap Kenya has been sending to school since 2017. Having sat their end of primary exams in October, they achieved results enabling them to go not only to High Schools, but to boarding school.

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