Gap Kenya currently employs 16 members of staff, all of whom are Kenyan.

Francis Chituma

Francis is a Civil Engineer by trade who has exchanged managing projects to managing people and all that Gap Kenya does. He is also a children’s worker in his church, and began volunteering with Gap Kenya in 2022. Francis says “I prayed for a long time to find work which helps the vulnerable in the community, and to be a tool of change to those who are outcasts in society bringing the essence of God to them to show that someone cares.”


Steph is a qualified teacher who supervises the running of the Stepping Stones Centre. She also manages the teaching and assessment of the children who attend each day.


Joshua is the supervisor at the Joseph Centre for Children. He recently completed an internship with another charity here in Kenya learning various skills including managing people and how best to interact with children. He is enjoying his role with Gap Kenya and the children love him.

Joseph Centre Staff


Faida runs the creche at the centre.


Judith is a qualified teacher who is over all the teaching carried out in the centre. This includes the teaching of the mothers in literacy and numeracy and the teaching of the pre-school children, preparing them for school and overseeing the creche. Judith is married with three children and her hobby is tailoring.


Milicent is the centre caretaker and cook.

Stepping Stones Staff

Dan and Amina.

Dan and Amina are support workers, working closely with the children, providing love, respect and discipline. They play games with the children, teaching, motivating and encouraging them.


Eli is the streetworker keeping close contact with the boys and girls who live and survive on the streets, along with those attending the centre. He also arranges the outdoor recreational activities within the centre.


Josephine provides all the meals within the centre each day.


Luka is the resident caretaker and provides security for the centre 24/7.

Foster Family Home

Solomon and Esther.

Solomon and Esther are the foster parents in the home, nurturing and caring for all the boys as they transition from street life to family life. Solomon runs a property management business, and the couple have two children of their own, Ruth and Rinah.

Learn more about our Foster Family Home with the link down below.

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