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Hussein and Gladys

Hussein and Gladys are two of the children Gap Kenya has been sending to school since 2017. Having sat their end of primary exams in October, they achieved results enabling them to go not only to High Schools, but to boarding school.

This is fantastic news for the children as it removes them from the garbage dump during school term times.

The children are about to experience a life not dependent on garbage. They will sleep in beds! In a safe environment made of concrete instead of plastic and polythene dwellings. And they will integrate with children from totally different backgrounds to their own. Their horizons are about to become broader than they can ever imagine!

It is extremely rare for children from the garbage site to go to boarding school, few progress even to go to High School. The girls marry young and have children. The boys begin a life of scavenging to earn money.

Gladys has already been ‘chosen’ by an older man on the site to be his ‘wife’. Thankfully, this will not happen.

Hussein almost gave up schooling early last year and began playing truant after deciding it was pointless continuing as he wouldn’t ever move on educationally. Counselled by Gap Kenya staff, he persevered with the promise he would go to High School if his results enabled him to do so.


Two lives now forever changed.

Boarding school is expensive so we are looking for people or businesses willing to sponsor Hussein and Gladys by donating just a few pounds every month to help with fees, uniforms, and a whole list of items they require including mattresses, sheets, crockery, textbooks etc.

Invest into their futures and know you will be a part of their story forever, never to be forgotten. Please donate now.


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