September 2022

Gap Kenya's news for the month of September

‘Cost of a Smile’ Campaign

This month saw the launch of our ‘Cost of a Smile’ Campaign. How much would YOU give to make someone smile?

Take a look at the video and head over to the donate page to make someone smile today.😀

Goodbye to Grace


A sad and happy day for everyone at the Joseph Centre as we said goodbye to Grace who although she has been with us for only a few months has managed the running of the Joseph Centre with professionalism along with integrity and warmth to both staff and the mums and children. Cake was on the menu as we all wished Grace well. She is returning to college to continue her study and enhance her teaching qualifications. She says she will certainly volunteer during the holidays and hopes one day to work for Gap Kenya.

The supervisory role has been taken on by Beauty who we are sure will do an excellent job also as she manages the centre going forward.

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