Feeding Program

To those living on the Mwakirunge garbage dump, finding food and fresh clean water is a daily struggle.

Gap Kenya try to help by providing bread (with margarine), and water or juice as often as we are able.

This also enables staff to build relationships with those living there, and to show love, compassion and respect to the men and women who find themselves surviving in a place without fresh water, or the means to be able to buy quality food.

It enables our staff to gain the trust of this community, especially the men who can appear aggressive and difficult at times.

The garbage dump does have it’s own economy as money is made by the selling of plastic bottles, glass bottles, and other garbage which has been thrown away, but money is not always passed down to those most vulnerable, especially the mothers and their children.

Gap Kenya does not discriminate against any person and offers the food to children, mothers, and the men.

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