Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is our drop-in rescue centre for the Mombasa street children.

It is based in VOK (pronounced Vee-Oh_Kay) which is approximately 3 -4 miles out of Mombasa city centre.

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The children who attend are split into three age groups:

5 – 9 years of age who attend the centre 2 days per week

10 – 14 years of age who also attend the centre 2 days per week

15 -1 7 years of age attending the centre 1 day per week.

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The children receive breakfast and lunch on the days they attend and are able to have showers and launder their clothes.

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They are taught basic literacy in Kiswahili and English from a qualified teacher and receive Christian centred moral and social studies with talks from visiting speakers such as pastors, doctors and teachers.

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Recreation is also an important part of the day and the children are able to play football and other outdoor games on the nearby football pitch, or play indoor games and watch dvds in the centre if the sun isn’t shining!

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The centre aims to act as a ‘stepping stone’ for the children between street life and family life. Children living on the streets generally have complete freedom to live however they like without any form of discipline.

Learning to take responsibility for their lives, following routine and engaging with people in authority is something which can take some time to learn and accept. Stepping Stones aims to help the children in this transition. They are invited to attend the centre for up to 6 months and during this time they are supported to take responsibility for themselves and each other, as well as helping to keep the centre clean and tidy.

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Children who adapt and who wish to become a part of family life are then accepted into our family homes and educated in local schools.