The Mwakirunge Dump Site is one of Mombasa’s main municipal rubbish tips. It is also home to many women and young children who live amongst the garbage, eating whatever food they can find.

The Joseph Centre opened in December 2017, it’s aim to help mothers learn skills and earn enough money to leave this dump and provide a safe and stable home for themselves and their children.
Many of the mothers living on this dump are unable to read or write. They have never been to school, and some of the mothers, like  Mwanamisi (who has no idea how old she is) were born on this dump site.

Mwanamisi with her 2 year old son Ali.


So alongside teaching skills such as tailoring, crocheting and knitting bags and blankets, detergent making etc., Gap Kenya is also teaching them basic literacy skills.
The centre currently has 10 mothers and around 19 children. We believe that 10 is a good number of mothers to work with and enables us to give more personal teaching and assistance.

Many of the children either do not go to school, or are very behind with their schooling, so this year, Gap Kenya will assist the children of these 10 mums to go to the nearby school, paying enrolment fees and providing the children with the school uniforms, textbooks and stationary items they will require.

We know we can make a difference to the most vulnerable and unfortunate – we already do this with the street children we work with. Now it’s time to help mothers!

Fatuma, one of the mums we are working with.