Many street survivors live around the area of Makadara Park, living in make shift shelters or literally sleeping on the streets or in the park.


Many of these survivors are addicted to glue and other drugs. The reason for taking these is to make scavenging on the dump sites and eating food which is mouldy and rotten more bearable.













Many of these survivors use prostitution (both boys and girls) as a means to obtaining money which they use to buy food, glue and other drugs. Some areas have ‘leaders’ who claim to care for and protect the younger children, but in reality exploit them into prostitution. It is these leaders who sell the glue to the children.

Witchcraft is prevalent in both Mwakirunge and Mbaraki’

The children are sometimes provided with food from various sources which has been purposely poisoned.  This is most likely attributed to retribution from someone who has been mugged or hurt by the street children and has led to the death of some of the children.

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