Feeding Programme

We run a weekly feeding programme for the street children, visiting Mbaraki and Mwakirunge to provide food for the people who live there.

The food consists of bread, beans and fruit juice.

It’s not much, but it is better than eating the mouldy, rotton food which the children have to search for each day.

It’s also not unknown for adults to visit the street people and offer food which has been poisoned, possibly in revenge for something one of the street boys or girls may have done to them.













The street children are now learning to trust us, and to know that we visit when we say we will and provide food which is clean and safe to eat.













It also allows us to get to know the children and to invite them to the Stepping Stones Drop In Centre and eventually into a family home where they will be loved ,cared for and educated.

DSCF4640web Drinking juice amidst the rubbish.













It costs around £50 to provide this and we would love to be able to increase the amount of times we visit them per month.

DSCF3656 web The children line up for their bread and juice.













As funds increase, so will our vsits’ so more children are fed more frequently. Can you help us?