Family Homes

Gap Kenya uses a model of Family Homes for the children rescued from the streets and dump sites of Mombasa.  A family home consists of ‘nurture parents’ and up to 8 children of different ages and sexes and is meant to replicate a normal family environment for the children to live in.

Mombasa has many children’s homes, but we wanted to give our children the experience of being raised by two parents whose job it is to love, care and nurture them back into society

As well as being loved and cared for by their nurture parents, the children attend local schools, the fees, uniforms and books being paid for by the charity.

It has been our experience that this model of ‘home’ for the children has had a positive impact on the lives of the children who live in them.  We have had children who have been placed in the traditional children’s homes in the past but who have run away from these.

One example of this is Eli who failed to settle into 2 centres during his many years of street life, but who has been with our project now since December 2011. Eli sees Timothy as his father, and the other children as his brother and sisters. He has settled well in this environment, doing well at school and is now a lovely, caring boy who is respectful and helpful.