The Kenyan Government provide free education for children up to the age of 14 years. However, these schools are in short supply and are often many kilometres from villages.
Classroom sizes are huge with up to 130 children in a class. This means the standard of education is very poor, but many Kenyans cannot afford to pay school fees for the better schools.

Our children attend local, fee paying schools where classroom sizes are around 16 pupils.

Children who are unable to attend school due to being below the standard required or at an age where school is impractical are given one to one tuition either to improve their abilities so they can join school, or to provide them with the ability to read and write’
The children are assessed when they first attend the school and are placed in classes according to their ability rather than their age.

Below is Arnold, the oldest of the street children living in our Family Home. Arnold is 17, but attended our Stepping Stones Centre every week pleading to be given a chance in life.  Arnold could read and write quite well but was too old to return to school, so he now attends a local college where he is learning carpentry.  He will be 19 years old when his course finishes, and will be able to find work and become an independent young man with every opportunity for a successful life ahead of him.
















The children are currently doing well at school and college, and we are really proud of their achievements!
It costs £20.00 per month for a child to be educated in school……………..could you sponser a child’s education?

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