Husnah’s Story

My name is Husnah Said.

I was born in the year 1998. I never knew my father, and unfortunately my mother died when I was still so young in the year 2005 and buried in Mwakirunge dump site.

My aunt took me up and tried to send me to school but it was challenging to her when she also got a family to look after, she is a wonderful aunt. I have stayed on the dump site all my life till by the grace of God, good samaritans visited our shelter and found us pounding maize we had gotten on the dump

I was taken and favoured to be given the second chance to see life from the bright side of it . I together with others were taken to their rescue centre and later joined Valentine Primary school in Shanzu. This was the greatest miracle of my life. I was a muslim by then now a christian and will remain to be. I have accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.

There is a complete U-turn in my life ever since. At least a nice place to sleep, food and education. the basic needs in life . I thank my Almighty God for the far I am. Thanks Mr and Mrs Woods for all this may you be blessed