Happy New Year!

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Wow, time goes so fast doesn’t it?  We have been back in Kenya now for well over 4 months so think a quick update is required!

We Moved House

We now rent a house in a suburb of Mombasa called Nyali which is much safer for us and also nearer to the family home and our Stepping Stones Centre. The house is currently on the market so we rent on a three monthly basis, however it means our rent is a lot cheaper than it would normally be here. And it is a lovely house so we can have people come visit us and stay here.

Feeding the Children

We continue to visit the children on the Mwakirunge refuse site – we now give them bread with margarine along with the fruit juice. A small improvement but again one that the children and adults there really appreciate.




Stepping Stones Centre

The children continue to attend our Stepping Stones Centre twice a week. Just before Christmas, we took them to a small hotel for their Christmas outing. They ate sausage and chips, swam in the pool and played football and they all had a wonderful day.


We also held a New Year Party at the centre where the staff and children joined in with outdoor and indoor games. The children loved seeing the staff in the 3 legged and the tomato and spoon race!

We also open the centre one day a week for some older boys who were looking for someone to help them leave street life. We originally began with 8 boys but now have 4. One boy, Geoffrey who is 16 was taken into our home and is now attending school. Another young man, Musyoka has begun an apprenticeship with a plumber – 2 boys stopped attending which is sad for them but we need to have boys who are willing to change their lives totally and commit to working hard to achieve their own personal goals of a future off the streets.

Stepping Stones older boys at Bombolulu having lunch2e



Family Home

We now have 3 more boys in the family home, Abdallah, Geoffrey and Kassim.  They all started school this year, Geoffrey in High School and the younger two in primary. We now have 6 children in St Mary’s school in Bombolulu.  Eli, who has been with us since 2011 is now working full time for the charity and provides us with much valuable insight into street llife.  And Evans, who joined us at the same time as Eli is now at the University of Mombasa doing technical engineering.

Dan did very well in school last year and finished top of his class – well done Dan! Joseph and Paul are now in Kindergarten 3 and are doing well.

st marys school paul and joseph Geoffrey Dan Kassim Abdallah Joseph Paul at school St Mary's Bombolulu (2) geoffrey kassim and abdallah at st marys bombolulu (2)


Say Hi to Celia

Celia has come to work with us for a couple of months. Normally she works as a midwife lecturer at Sheffield University but has swapped her students for street children.

If you are interested in visiting or working in the charity for a week, two months or anything in between, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

The Future

We still have so much we want to do here to help these children.  We continue to look for suitable land which we can afford to buy to build our village. We are looking for premises to use as a second centre close to the Mwakirunge refuse site which will aim to train the women with young children and babies with a skill so they can leave the dump and find a house for themselves.  And we really need a second family home – either one we will rent or one we can build if we find land.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who supports us, either financially, by prayer or by encouraging us especially during the difficult times here (and believe me, there are a few of those!)
Without this support, we would find life here so much harder, the work would be so much less and the street children so much poorer than they are today through your generosity.

So here is the final few words from some of the children at Stepping Stones – Happy New Year!


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