Our Vision

We are at the very beginning and taking the first few steps on what we know will be a very long journey.
Mungu Anaweza means God is Able and so far we marvel at what God has enabled us to achieve in such a small space of time.

Our ultimate vision for the Mungu Anaweza Project is to build our own Rescue Centre Villages with accommodation similar to our present rescue home.

The villages would also have schools which the children would attend and include a kindergarten for the younger ones.

We would also like to include small businesses such as hair salons, sewing rooms etc where older survivors could be trained in some skills preparing them for self sufficiency when they leave the centres.

In April 2013, Paul and Gayle relocated to Kenya and now spend most of the year working in the project, moving it forward to fulfil their vision and dream of a Rescue Village. Your support in this is vital ………you can make a dream a reality for so many survivors in Mombasa.