Fund Raising

‘You can make a difference … You can

Change a Life’

How you can help

All money donated to the project goes directly to the project.

All our children have multiple sponsors in order to meet all their needs.
If you regularly donate to the project, you will receive a news letter which will contain pictures and information about the work we are doing.


Change for a Fiver?  Donate £5 per month!


If you can donate just £5 per month (16 pence per day) you will enable us to ‘change’ the lives of the children.

£5 pays for a full weeks food for one child. Or lunch for 10 children in our Stepping Stones Centre. Or by combining several donations we can buy other necessities such as medical care, clothing and toiletries’.



Quid for a Kid!

From as little as £1 per month, you can make a difference to the life of a street child.

That’s less than 4 pence per day

£1 can provide 3 children with a shower or 6 children with breakfast.

£3 provides showers for 9 children or 6 children with lunch.

£5 provides lunch for 10 children

£10will provide breakfast and lunch for 15 children.

£50 will pay a whole weeks rent for our Stepping Stones Centre!


Our ‘Quid for a Kid’ campaign is also a great way for businesses, offices, factories, in fact any establishment where there are groups of people to support the ‘Mungu Anaweza Project’.  Once a month, quarter, or even yearly, if everyone donates just £1 we can use it to reach out and help Mombasa Street Children.

Donors will receive the regular newsletter which will include updates plus  photographs of the children and the work we are doing.

Sponsor a Childs Education

A child’s school fees cost £20.00 per month (less than £5 per week!)  A good education if probably the most effective way of Kenyan children avoiding the poverty trap when they become adults.

Can you give a child the chance of an education………..the hope for a better future?

Donate now. Help to educate a child

Other One-off Costs

If you would like to donate a single amount, these are examples of what your donation could *buy

  • School bags – £5
  • A pair of school shoes – £10
  • A starter stationary pack (pens, pencils, exercise books, geometry set etc) – £12
  • Two School uniforms – £17
  • Text books – £23
  • Single mattress – £40
  • Bunkbeds – £150
  • One month’s rent for the rescue centre – £200

You can help us by donating any amount, the above are just examples of what your money can buy. Donate now and help us to help the children, donate now and show how much you care……..

To buy any of the above, please CLICK HERE ……. thank you!
*Please note – all costs are approximate and depend upon such factors as exchange rate and current selling price.