Evans is back!

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We are thrilled that Evans Kipruto who came to us from the streets in 2011 will shortly be studying Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Mombasa.  Evans was repatriated home to his parents in Eldoret in 2013 and Gap Kenya have continued to pay his school fees until now so he could complete his education. He has been able to secure funding to attend university here in Mombasa, so during term time he will be back in our family home with Timothy and Brigid.  We know that Evans will be a great encouragement to all the children in the home, but especially to Eli who came to Gap Kenya at the same time as Evans.

So often, street children are written off but Evans (and all our children in the family home) prove this is not the case. Each child is special and has their own unique abilities which a little love, hope and someone who believes in them, allows them to flourish.

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