New Shorts!

We have been able to purchase shorts for the boys to wear once they have showered and whilst their own clothes are drying. Means they are not running around with towels wrapped around their waists! So once again, we have happy boys – even Dennis (kneeling far left) and Victor (centre of the picture, sitting on the floor). Thanks for all your support people. It means a lot to us and to the boys to be able to make these small improvements to their lives! Want to help? Just click the Donate link!



Crossroads Church

Love doing church with our adopted family! Love that the lives of these children have been changed forever!



23rd January 2015

The boys are back in town today – or at least 15 of them are. And today was a special day because we can now afford to buy Blueband to put on their bread at breakfast! Only an extra £4 a month on the budget, but makes a great difference to how much the kids enjoy their breakfast! Pictured is Gaylene buttering the bread, and some of the boys enjoying it!!


New Friends.

Had a wonderful time meeting fellow missionaries Sean and Kim along with their four beautiful children. They are here in Mombasa from Australia, although Kim is actually American. They are here in Mombasa working with the widows and orphans who live on the South Coast. So we held a multi national meeting over lunch in a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean! Was sooooo good chatting to like minded people, sharing our stories with plenty of laughs! A good day……’s to many more!



What’s for lunch?

The children eat whatever food is found on the rubbish dumps. This guy found the remains of a fish. It was dirty, smelly and covered in flies, but was definitely going to be eaten that day. What will you be having for lunch today? Click the donate link if you would like to help us change the lives of these children……………….



Feeding the children

There were so many children at Mwankirunge dump site when we went to feed them at  the beginning of January. These are the children we really want to bring to our Stepping Stones centre for food, showers, to clean their clothes and have some love and fun! Trouble is, the centre is about 10 miles away so we desperately need a minibus to transport them! We pray that this will happen soon – maybe business people reading this could consider getting together to raise the money we need? All kids deserve a chance…..please help us to help these!


Thanks for the toiletries!

They almost all wanted a photo of them with their new toothbrushes, pouffes and combs etc – this is just a small selection! However, they did want me to say thank you to everyone who donated these for them!! So THANK YOU!!!