A strange visit to the rubbish dump on 11th February. The people were very suspicious of us, even though they know we have been visiting regularly for the past couple of years! Many children wouldn’t come near us and the adults made us drink the juice and eat some of the bread before they would accept it! Transpires a white man had visited, taking photos and giving them food. Not sure what happened afterwards, but they believe he was a devil worshipper who had used the photos to put curses on them as bad things had happened after he left! As these people are very superstitious and there are several witch doctors living amongst them, it doesn’t take much to stir things up!! The mood on the dump today was definitely a bit volatile.


Eyes in the back of your head!

Late getting home from Stepping Stones today – one of the boys had stolen the dongle from the router! The boy in question was Thomas, seen here in the burgundy top. Thomas is around 10 years old and he had hidden the dongle in the plants outside the centre. Took a while for Tim to find out from the boys who had taken it but thankfully we did get it back. As a punishment, the boys had to do without sweets – a treat they really look forward to as they leave the centre to go back to the streets. Our office is always kept locked when we are not in it – still can’t work out how Thomas managed to get it!!



Fun Times!

Have such lovely times at Stepping Stones! Taught the children how to play ‘Hangman’ and they loved it! Such simple ways of helping them to learn letters and spelling, but their enthusiasm and eagerness is just a joy to see.

Love that these kids are learning how to play and just have fun!


One of those days!

Do you ever have those days when your children just seem to be hard work, won’t do as they are told and things just seem to ‘happen’? Had one of those days here at Stepping Stones with 16 children! Dennis  managed to drop a bucket full of water which then flooded the corridor, our office floor and the room next door! If we didn’t laugh we’d cry……..and we still love them.

So after the tears and the tantrums came the teaching. We are now able to split the boys into those that can read/write and those that can’t. These are the boys that can’t learning the alphabet and how to write their letters this morning.



Eli’s leaving party – he’s off to boarding school!!

So Eli left for Eldoret on 1st February and has arrived safely. We held a small leaving party for him in the family home on the 31st January –  the food was delicious and Brigid and some of the boys did a dance for us! We made a little presentation of Eli over the past three years showing the change in him over that time and how well he has done now! So proud of you Eli – you have grown into such a lovely young man!


Back on the streets!

Yesterday we were back on Mombasa’s streets feeding the kids in Mbaraki. Was lovely to catch up with Mwanamcassi again (pictured with me) – we have tried to take her into the family home but she left after only a couple of days. Most young girls work as prostitutes and find it hard to give up the money and start going to school. The young boy in the picture has a bottle which contains glue……….they sniff glue from a very early age. And the young girl smiling is called Esther! The gang leaders always cause us problems, so we couldn’t stay long, but it was good to be back!


Meet the team

These are the people who work in our Stepping Stones Centre, keeping the kids in order, teaching and generally loving and caring for them. We have a great team who really do all they can to make our children feel respected and they really do matter.









From the left: Rehema is our cook, Gaylene our support worker, Timothy our manager/teacher and Luca our security man. On the end is Paul who runs the charity alongside the UK Trustees.