22nd February, 2015

Do you remember our really wild child, Dennis, who had a very sore back in February last year? Well, his back healed beautifully and although he only stayed in our Family Home for less than a week before choosing to go back to the streets, he has been attending Stepping Stones regularly and has been developing really well! When we first met Dennis, he was like a child with severe ADHD, unable to sit still for a moment or follow simple instructions. His concentration levels were zero. Now, he does as he is told, sits and learns how to read and write and generally behaves himself well. Last Friday, Dennis was unwell with a temp of 38.4, so he came back into the Family Home for rest and paracetamol over the weekend. We saw him at church today and he is feeling much better. We are working on a ‘wait and see’ strategy with him as we felt initially that he wasn’t quite ready for family and school life yet – it is hard for the children to adapt to the discipline. But if he stays, that will be amazing and hopefully another life can be transformed. Dennis has a mother who lives in Mombasa and works as a live in housemaid. Dennis goes to see her sometimes, but she sends him away back to the streets. Dennis says he is 10 years old but we think he is probably younger – the children know they are supposed to be 10 to attend Stepping Stones so often tell us this! Please remember Dennis in your prayers – he is becoming quite a lovely young boy!


Our new washing machine!

Since when did washing clothes become so interesting? Since the new machine arrived, that’s when!!! The boys are thrilled that their clothes are rinsed and then spun now before hanging to dry. They too want to pass on their thanks to everyone who helped us to purchase this. You have made today a very special day for them, so thanks from Gap Kenya too!!


Meeting ‘Heavens Family’

Met some lovely people yesterday – thanks for the introduction Sean and Kim! This was lunch at Cafesserie and our two new friends from America, Diane and Becky (Heavens Family). Was great visiting the Baby Rescue Centre and showing you our Stepping Stones Centre!



Thank You!!

19th Frebruary, 2015

Soooooooo excited! Thanks to you amazing people, we have bought our washing machine!!! The fact it comes with a rat proof base is just an added bonus!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait till we spin dry the kids clothes tomorrow and see their faces when they realise how quickly they dry afterwards! We are just so very grateful to everyone who donated!! Thanks again………you are very special! xxxxxx                                            984287_515583311913195_5770647162805020236_n[1]




So love the boys we work with! Today I received presents of a lipstick, one earring and an American dime! First time ever they have given me anything so felt very honoured!10550955_515129758625217_3373087849181701125_n[1]


Eli at school!

Remember Eli who went to boarding school in Eldoret a couple of weeks ago? Received these photos of him in his school uniform looking really smart! (Eli is the boy on the left). Also posted a pic of Eli when he first came to us 3 years ago from the Mombasa streets.

You might also recognise the boy on the right? Yes………that is Evans, another of our children who was repatriated to his family two years ago but whom we still support financially for his education. He has been doing so well at school and is now in his final year!


Meet my Sister!

February 15th, my lovely sister flew in from China and we spent a wonderful few hours together before she flew back again! Was lovely showing her Stepping Stones where she said hello to the street boys. She also brought Tabitha from the Aga Khan school here in Mombasa and it was great to meet her – she said she loved the work we are doing! Then a quick visit to the family home to say hi to Paul and Joseph (the rest of the children were at school) before going to see the giraffes in the nearby park and lunch in our local restaurant. An unexpected but brilliant time with my sister!!