New Mungu Anaweza Rescue Home

After much looking and much longer walks around Shanzu, we have located the perfect rescue home for Timothy and the children to live in as a family.  It is in a very rural part of Shanzu, very peaceful, very green, and away from the centre which has its problems with drugs amongst other things.

The children will move in on Weds this week (5th September) and having seen the pictures of the house they are really excited!  There are 3 bedrooms and a small store room which Timothy is going to use as a study room for the children to do their homework in.  Along with this there is a living room, dining area, kitchen, utility area and 2 toilets and showers.   There is a school close by which they will be able to attend although Evans will continue at St Valentines until he finishes to go to High School after Christmas.  The only down side to this is the children all now need new uniforms!  Each school has it’s own uniform and PE kit, so this week we will be going into Mombasa to purchase these for them as the new school term begins tomorrow.

If anyone can help donate a little something to help with this expense it would be very gratefully received!  Please see the fundraising page for more info on how you can give.

The children have come on so much and are doing so well – we are really proud of them.  Daniel will be starting school for the first time and is so excited about it.  We will keep you posted about the move and post some pictures of the new school.


Tea at Timothy’s!

Spent last night with the Mutasias and our children.  The 2 older girls, Husnah and Rukhia prepared a meal for us – Ugali (the white stuff in the photo) which is boiked maize served with spinach and eggs!  Have to say it tasted delicious.  Ugali is very filling!

The journey back home was via the motorbike taxi!  Speeding along roads in just t-shirt and shorts does make me wonder what on earth I am  doing!!  The motorbike taxi is the normal method of travel for most Kenyans in the shanty towns but one we have always avoided thus far – however, when faced with a 3 mile walk in the dark, itjust seemed a better option!!


Friday, 31st August

Well, here we are back in Kenya!  Mombasa has not been a great place since Monday with all

the violence that has been going on due a Muslim Cleric being shot dead.  3 policemen have been killed and 4 critically injured in the past few days.  The army are in town and the Prime Minister has visited appealing for calm.  Rioting and looting has been a major issue.

Here in Shanzu it is fairly peaceful and quiet and we are avoiding Mombasa town for the time being.

We have been catching up with Timothy and Bridget who are now living with the 6 younger children to provide the love and care these children need.  It has been so great to see the relationship between them all – the children have an amazing relationship with them and are doing so well!

We are currently looking for a house to rent for them all to stay in.  Currently Timothy and Bridget live in a 2 roomed house with their baby, so things are a bit cramped to say the least!

We are here for a couple of weeks now so will keep you posted with all that happens.

Gayle. xx


Welcome to GAP Kenya!

Welcome to our Gap Kenya blog! Countdown to our next trip has begun…….this time next week we will be in Shanzu, Mombasa!

Looking forward to seeing our Survivors again and catching up with everything that has been happening over the past three months.

The rescue centre was visited by the Children’s Department of Mombasa this week. Their report was very favourable and positive.

Keep watching……